We want a superbike unlike any other.

A bike that goes faster, goes farther, and goes smarter.

Our superbike will define a new class of not only motorcycles, but vehicles on this planet. It will sail above the ground, and its only limiting factor will be air.

Capable of high speeds and built with applicability in mind, we seek to create the first practical hoverbike. Other 'hoverbikes' either utilize large propellors or water to achieve lift, both of which are large and dangerous lift systems. ROSA's hoverbike will be unparalleled both in design and applicability.


For the past century, the motorcycle defined high-performance motorsport. Increasingly more powerful engines led to increasingly faster and capable machines - the likes of which became popular worldwide. However, the world's greatest motorcycles all suffer from one drastic flaw, without exception. This flaw is the limitation of friction.

The superbike my company is developing, Project Helios, sets out to do something different. Unlike any ever devised - it will travel on or above the ground. Helios has a drivetrain - that is, one with an electric motor and supersport-level hardware. However, that is only part of its story. It is also powered by several flight engines, within our hover system, allowing it to reach new levels of vehicle performance. As a result of overcoming friction, its only limitation is air resistance. This allows the superbike, in certain configurations, to reach speeds in excess of 300 mph, surpassing all other forms of land transportation. Meanwhile, it is envisioned to achieve this sustainably.

As a result, I have had to rethink the entire nature of the motorcycle.
Helios incorporates a drivetrain that retracts into its structure when hover functionality begins. It doesn't use an internal combustion engine, and that does not even take into account its flight systems.

I do not exaggerate the fact that Project Helios could change the world. The introduction of such a vehicle would allow the affordable high-speed transport of riders and cargo in a sustainable way. In addition, the potential it offers in applications such as with EMS, Medical, or Military transport could be groundbreaking and save lives. I urge you to visit the pages describing these applications in more detail.

My company, ROSA, was founded to create a more incredible vehicle.

If all of these components are combined to work together, they work with a fluidity and efficiency never before seen in automotive design. You are looking at the epitome of ingenuity and vehicle performance.

Christian A. LaRosa

Founder & CEO

ROSA Motor Company, Inc.



Our hover platform would enable dramatically faster and more efficient response ability from fire, medical, police, etc. The EMS vehicle will be able to bypass common bottlenecks in response, serving the purpose of a response vehicle but doing so faster and easier. We take the potential for EMS application as a foremost design consideration, as the benefits it may provide to this field are of enormous value.


Our hover platform would enable the affordable and safe introduction of aviation technology into 'every-day' vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. It would deliver passengers and cargo over long distances in short periods of time, along with giving consumers ease-of-mind in terms of practicality. We take this application in design seriously, as it was an original consideration when the vehicle was conceived.


Our hover platform would enable dramatically faster, more capable, and low-profile military transport of both cargo and human beings. It would be able to bypass common bottlenecks in transport such as obstructed pathways, short time-frames/long distances, efficiency in fuel supply, hostile environments, etc. The Military vehicle could serve the purpose of light-duty and recon vehicles at a fraction of the cost and size. 

Proudly founded for a better future.



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