Our technology offers opportunities to streamline and reduce bottlenecks to military transport and disaster relief in both manned or unmanned configurations.

Our hover platform would enable dramatically faster, more capable, and low-profile military transport of both cargo and human beings. The Military vehicle will be able to bypass common bottlenecks in transport such as obstructed pathways, short time-frames or long distances, efficiency and reliance on transporting fuels, hostile environments, etc. A Military-spec hoverbike would be able to transport cargo or human beings in either a manned or unmanned state. It could deliver payloads, avoiding much risk by traveling above the ground and doing so quicker. A Military Hoverbike could be equipped not only with gear and payload, but also with armor. The Military Hoverbike could serve the purpose of light-duty and recon vehicles at a fraction of the cost and size. It would allow for many more vehicles and much increased capability at the same price point. This is a very lucrative opportunity for the application of our technology, offering much streamlined response.


The expansion of the platform into a Car variant would proportionally increase benefit to these areas. Larger vehicles would allow for more capable and plentiful opportunity, and could enable replacing larger vehicles that a Hoverbike previously could not serve as.


We take the potential for Military application as a serious design consideration, as the benefits it may provide to this field are of enormous value.

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