Meet Hover.

"It's Amazing"

"There is nothing this extraordinary out there"

"Competition doesn't exist here, period"

"Simply Groundbreaking"




Our vehicles are built with a

dual-drivetrain architecture, one for the ground and one for hover. Where it's safe to fly, you can take advantage of its benefits. Where it's not, no problem.


When in hover flight, many bottlenecks of traditional automotive systems are eliminated, allowing for high speed and high efficiency. Frictionless travel will create a state of 'superperformance'.


Using an electric drivetrain and

biofuel-powered flight engines, we envision a green and environmentally-friendly future for transportation using sustainable hover technology. 




Our team is expected to think outside of industry norms. We know our trades well, and are driven by the desire to create the most capable vehicles on the planet. Inspired by science fiction films, we want to build a superior vehicle - one which is unparalleled both in design and performance. Our envisioned superbike, the most capable of any weight class, not only is built with sustainability in mind, but also is quicker than even the most powerful 1000cc motorcycles in production. Here at ROSA, we believe that doing something, and doing it beautifully, are two very different things - we try to make art out of engineering.


Proudly founded for a better future.



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